| 1hr. 40min. | Opened2016-12-22

Jazz looks for a way out of the violence he faces as a bare-knuckle fighter, and Gia leads a lonely life trying to maintain a normal existence while trying to corral her brother. When Jazz and Gia finally meet, Jazz's world is turned upside down.


"My first Movie theater experience this year was at CityPlex 12 Newark. I went for the 11am movie viewing. The cost was only $6.50 for the early show. They do accept credit cards, just be sure to have your ID. The crowd at this time of the morning was definitely a mature audience. There is plenty of parking and the bus stop is right in front of the venue. The lobby area is spacious with a few tables & chairs. They have a game room & a photo machine. The concession stand serves the typical movie theater stuff and the bathroom was clean. I really enjoyed my visit there and plan on returning soon!" -Mimi Sullivan