| 1hr. 32min. | Opened2023

A group of friends goes to a campsite with a mysterious bell that summons a murderer if you ring it at midnight. Their plan to debunk the myth goes awry as they discover that the truth is stranger -- and far more frightening -- than fiction.


"My first Movie theater experience this year was at CityPlex 12 Newark. I went for the 11am movie viewing. The cost was only $6.50 for the early show. They do accept credit cards, just be sure to have your ID. The crowd at this time of the morning was definitely a mature audience. There is plenty of parking and the bus stop is right in front of the venue. The lobby area is spacious with a few tables & chairs. They have a game room & a photo machine. The concession stand serves the typical movie theater stuff and the bathroom was clean. I really enjoyed my visit there and plan on returning soon!" -Mimi Sullivan